I would like to introduce myself before starting sharing my extremely interesting life stories. Since my life is so interesting, some of you might think that everything is just a consequence of my imagination. Not true – even though my imagination is extraordinary compared to most of the people, I am lucky enough to be able to make people intrigued without using it.

There are several rules that I will have to follow while sharing personal stuff with my readers:

  1. I won’t use any real names in my stories.
  2. If anyone would think that the stories are about you – don’t. (I had quite a few people involved in most of the adventures)
  3. Most of the posts won’t contain any specific information about when it has happened.
  4. I will try to be as specific as possible about my background but won’t be able to share some details to maintain anonymity of me and the others mentioned in here.

It is necessary to share some details about my background before starting digging into some serious stuff.

I am a female millennial living in the United Kingdom, London – to be precise. I was not born in here but I don’t want to share my nationality for now although I can tell that I was born one of the Eastern European countries.

My IQ is over the roof hence my job is extremely demanding and technical. Oh, and I forgot to mention – I have manic episodes sometimes thanks to my genetic bipolar disorder. I try to use it wisely.

Stay interested.


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